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Tourist in the City | St. Augustine Photographer

This past Friday, Rich and I were able to be tourists in our own city. It's easy to slowly stop noticing the beauty around you, especially when you see it every day. Well, every September, the trolleys around town allow residents of the county to ride for free! And we get into a few select attractions for free! Rich and I had such a great time riding around. It gave us the opportunity to reconnect with our city and remember how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful little city. We were able to go to Potter's Wax Museum, and the Old County Jail.

First up is Potter's Wax Museum. Potters used to be located right in the heart of downtown, but it was recently relocated into the Oldest Drug Store. The Oldest Drug Store is where Rich and I had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding. We had the trolleys pick us all up after dinner and take us for a tour of downtown. It used to have an old fashioned soda shoppe in the back which was where the dinner was held. Sadly, it's all gone now. But as you walk into Potters, they kept the entry way pretty much the same and have all the old medications on display.

Ok, this is a fun story. I have officially come to the conclusion that tourists stink at taking your photo. Rich and I wanted our photo in front of the Old City Gates (there was no one around which is practically unheard of). The lady didn't know how to work the camera so I flipped every thing in auto and told her to frame the shot and press the shutter and these are our results....

The last photo was one that I was able to partially salvage from one of her shots.

On St. George Street there is a Greek Orthodox Shrine. It's kind of a big deal from what I hear. People from all over the world come to see it. It was very peaceful inside and I bumped into a former Flagler professor volunteering there.

We walked down to the Kookabura and saw our friend Anna there and then we went up in the Bank Building to see our friends Jeff and Emily Charette. They have THE MOST killer view of St. Augustine ever.

We rode by Ripley's Believe It or Not. It is the first ever Ripley's and is the one used in the tv series. Then we rode by the Fort and saw someone in costume. It isn't unusual to see pirates or soldiers walking around town.

Our last stop was the Old Jail. It was originally located right across from the Ponce de Leon Hotel (now Flagler College, my Alma Mater ;) ) Henry Flagler didn't think that would be too good for business so he gave the jail $10,000 to relocate at least a mile away from the hotel. They took the money and located just at a mile away. He also stipulated with the money the jail couldn't look like a jail. So it ended up looking like a house. It's kind of cool. The back side of the jail is where the Sheriff lived with his family and we got to see what their home looked like back then.

This is probably one of my favorite photos of Rich and me. He's doing his "cheese" face and I'm being a goof. In case you were wondering, this photo was self timed and it still came out better than handing the camera to a tourist.

As part of the jail/ our tickets, we got to go into the Old St. Augustine History Museum.

Outside the Old Jail in the parking lot they had a vintage Victor Victrola sign. The sign has special meaning to me so I had to jump into a photo for a shot.

Hopefully you enjoyed this snap shot of St. Augustine! Where have you traveled to lately? Are you planning any trips in the near future?