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Want A Moose Kiss?

It all started with a question. That question in fact. "Want a moose kiss?" Rich was a little hesitant at first, but he said yes. That was when I grabbed his face and licked his cheek. The rest is history. No really, it was. Several months prior to the moose kiss, Rich and been giving me guitar lessons. When we were doing the lessons it was strictly platonic. But over time feelings began to develop. We were hanging out at Rich's watching the Ravens v. Steelers game. (Actually quite a rivalry for us.) That's when I gave Rich a moose kiss. After the game he asked me if I didn't want to moose kiss him anymore, but kiss him for real and be his girlfriend. That was 4 years ago today! I still cant believe that it has been 4 YEARS! That's a LONG TIME! But I have enjoyed every single second of it. 

Here are some photos of us over the years. I had to go digging through the Facebook warehouse to find some of these. It's incredible that my life is documented on the web. This first one is the first photo of us ever! It was taken before we were dating. Rich's mom has a postcard of it on her refrigerator.

This next one was right after we started dating and went to Tampa for the Superbowl.

Over the past 3 Halloweens I have gotten Rich to dress up. 2 out of the 3 years he was in a dress of some form ;) The first Halloween he suggested Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. We went downtown with some friends and I loved hearing people say, "Awww, look it's Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!"  I made Rich's costume that year. He totally rocked those tights.

The next year we dressed up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. I also made Rich's costume that year. We decided that Rich needed to dye his hair because Fred had black hair. We ended up not having enough time to let the dye sit in so when we cut his hair he looked like a spotted cheetah. He ended up shaving off all of his hair to rectify the problem. It wasn't funny while it was happening, but looking back on it, it's pretty hilarious.

This was taken this year. We hosted a Murder Mystery dinner! It was a total blast! We were Red Riding Hood and Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) I made the coat that I am wearing. I'm kind of a legit sewer. I'm pretty good when I put my mind to something. Notice over the years my level of sewing gets more extravagant.

Rich loves the Pittsburgh Penguins. Let me say that again, he LOVES the Penguins! For our 2 year anniversary I found out that the man who designed the Penguins logo lived in St. Augustine. So what did a girl with a college degree in Journalism do? She found out where he lived via White Pages, went to his house, and asked if he would sign a jersey and be willing to go to dinner to meet her boyfriend. Totally true story. So this is us with Bob Gessner and his wife. He brought a framed original sketch of his logo for Rich. Needless to say he had a blast.

After Rich proposed, we met up with our best friends Laurie and Adam. They took some photos of us together and we went out for drinks after. There were crazy people doing karaoke and it was hilarious.

Rich earned his Juris Doctor this past year. He graduated from Florida Coastal School of Law 2 weeks before the wedding. I'm so proud of my man! He is currently preparing to take the Bar in July!

We had the best wedding ever! I loved planning it and it was amazing. We had a carnival themed wedding. I also conned Rich into doing a choreographed dance at the reception. If you want to see our baller moves, you can check them out here.

On our honeymoon, we got the opportunity to meet Guy Harvey! It was a freak incident and it was totally awesome! We bought a painting and got him to sign it in person!

I am so excited to see what the future brings. I am so blessed that God brought Rich into my life when he did. We've been through 3 graduations, 3 immediate family deaths, different rhythms, job changes, starting 2 businesses together, and raising a kitty together. I could not imagine doing it with anyone else.


You complete me. You make me a better person and challenge me to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you for running this race with me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love your playful spirit. I'm so glad that I get to moose kiss you for the rest of my life. I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.

All my love,