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When I started doing Danielle Brooks Photography full-time I needed a few pieces of equipment. I was doing ok without them before, but now that I am on my own I had to make the investment. One of the things I needed was a 70-200mm lens. I had always borrowed the one at Flagler when I needed on, but I don't have that luxury anymore. So we went out and got one! The White Whale as I call her. As with any new piece of equipment, I needed to take it for a test drive. Last week I went with Brittany and the boys to the zoo! It was a lot of fun! I was able to get really close to all the animals.

**WISE TIP OF THE DAY** It is a bad idea for you to attache a telephoto lens to your camera body and walk around with it like that. It can strip the metal ring that connects to the lens. OUCH that would be expensive to replace. It's always best to support the lens especially when it's that heavy. You can also invest in a mono pod to attach to the ring support. It's a nice compromise and not too cumbersome.

FYI all of these photos were taken with my 70-200mm. I just love that it goes down to 2.8. It gives me the freedom to take photos inside without using a flash that would disturb the animals. What is the most recent purchase you've made for your business?

The zoo keeper was telling us that this monkey has a genetic defect that is really rare. He has blue eyes. It was also his first time meeting his baby! They separate the mom when she gives birth at first and then introduces them back to the others. With the 70-200mm I was able to capture his baby blues!