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What's In My Camera Bag? // Pt. 1

I am super excited to blog about "What's In My Camera Bag?" I love looking at other photographers I follow and seeing what they use. I hope that you will find this post useful if you are just looking to get into the business or are just in the market for some new gear. "What's In My Camera Bag?" is going to be a 2 part series. Today will be about the hardware, and tomorrow will be about the frills. I'll show you the lenses I use and a couple pictures I took with the lens. That way you can get an accurate sense of what the lens is capable of.

First is my beloved 5D Mark II. I got this luscious piece of dark chocolate about 6 months ago right when they released the 5D Mark III. I got an incredible deal on the body. It was way worth the investment. I started with the Rebel T2i which was a great starter camera. The 5D Mark II was a major upgrade from a crop sensor to a full frame. Once I made the jump, I never looked back.

My go to lens is the Canon 50mm 1.2. This is the most cuddly piece of glass I own. Yes, cuddly. I use this lens most of the time when shooting. It gives such crisp images and it has an incredible depth of field. I pined for this lens. It's a little on the heavy side, but the positives out weigh the negatives. If you can't afford the hefty $1600 price tag, I hear the 50 1.4 or 50 1.8 are great alternatives. If you want to try this lens check out It's a great site where you can borrow lenses for a short period of time to have a trial run to see if you really want to make the investment.

Here are some photos taken with my 50mm.

My second lens is the Canon 16-35mm 2.8. I love my 16-35mm. I generally use this for "wow" shots. (not to say that shots with my 50mm aren't wow.) I generally pull this lens out when I want to focus on the scenery rather than the couple or family. I've used this lens at the beach, the Castillo de San Marcos, when there's an awesome sprawling tree, etc. I also use this lens when in a tight location. I have to be careful because at 16mm it's almost a fish eye and it can sometimes distort faces. No one wants to see their nose 3 times the size it normally is! I really like that it's a zoom lens, however even though it's more work I think I'm a prime lens girl. For those of you who don't know the difference...Prime: fixed focal length. You are the zoom. You move your body to either zoom out or zoom in. Zoom Lens: Pretty simple, it zooms. You have the power to move closer or further away from your client with a simple rotation without having to physically move. So being a prime lens girl means it can be more challenging, but it's worth it.

Here are some highlights with the 16-35mm.

Hopefully this list will be much longer in the future. I have my eye on a couple of lenses I'd like to make part of the family. It's kinda small now, but it works, and there's always room to grow.

Stay tuned because tomorrow I will be talking about the accessories and my most amazing Epiphanie bag I got for Christmas! Much love!

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