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What's In My Camera Bag? // Pt. 2

I hope you all enjoyed my first post about the hardware in my camera bag. In case you missed it you can check it out here. I think buying accessories for my camera can be just as fun to purchase as lenses can be.

To start things off is my super awesome Epiphanie bag! I mentioned this yesterday, and I don't want to sound like an advertisement for Epiphanie, but my bag is seriously amazing. I drooled and lusted after this bag. When I was looking for a camera bag I wanted something practical. I didn't want to be a walking advertisement for Canon. Even though I love Canon and their products, I could see someone swiping my camera bag simply because it says Canon on it. So for me, I wanted something that wasn't a traditional camera bag. Epiphanie bags are cute, trendy, and they get the job done. They are super padded and hold a crap ton of stuff. I can fit my 5D Mark II with 50mm lens attached, my 16-35mm, CF cards, lens cloth, filters, extra batteries, cell phone, and I still have room for a 15'' laptop, and more lenses. Since I work with young families I generally have a stuffed animal shoved in there somewhere. Epipahnie bags are kind of pricey, but they are totally worth it. I don't ever have to worry about my gear getting damaged. The Brooklyn Turquoise bag is perfect because even though it's heavy with all my gear in it, it doesn't feel heavy when I'm carrying it. Since it's a backpack the weight is distributed and it doesn't hurt my shoulders like a sling bag would. I also love that it has both a zipper and magnetic closure. There are tons of pockets for all sorts of stuff.  If you want more detail about my bag you can check it out on the Epiphanie site, here.

My next accessory is a new addition. Rich got me this super cool CF card holder for Christmas. It holds 4 CF cards, is shock proof, and waterproof. This thing is heavy duty. I can chuck it against a wall or drop it into a fountain and I know my cards will be safe. It's pretty cool. I have such a thoughtful husband. If you're going to spend money to buy CF cards, invest the money to protect them. Also, note the shiny new 16 GB Extreme Pro CF card. That was also a gift from my sweet husband. :)

I am currently working to expand my filter collection. I have both a UV Filter and Polarizing Filter for my 50mm. I also have a UV Filter for my 16-35mm. If you are going to spend the money on lenses, you need to be investing in at least a UV Filter. Its better to scratch a filter you can replace for under $100 than to repair a scratched lens for way more than that. For direction on filters check out B&H Photo.

Last but not least is a microfiber cleaning cloth. Never be without one. You can find them anywhere. I got a set of 3 at Target.

I also have tons of spare batteries and random stuff in my bag. I am hoping to add a reflector and a light meter at some point. I am so excited to see what I can add to this collection in 2013. I'd love to know of some tools you all use in your everyday use! What is one thing you just can't live without as a photographer?