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When Friends Come To Visit | St. Augustine Photographer

When Rich and I were in college we hung out with Laurie and Adam all the time. We were in their wedding. When we got married, we asked them to be in ours, but they were serving for 2 years with the Peace Corps in China. They had the adventure of a lifetime, but we are glad to have them back. They live in North Carolina now, but we are able to see them a lot more often.

They were in town for a wedding and we were able to get together for dinner and to play Settlers of Catan. It was SO great to see them again. We had a blast. The next morning we were able to meet at our old stomping grounds at Flagler and take some photos.

This photo is so Rich and I. Laurie and Adam like to bring up the fact that in one of their wedding photos Rich and I are making a face and everyone else is smiling. We like to say, that, like in this photo, we thought we were supposed to make funny faces and no one else joined in.